Why Activist Capitalist?

Companies that practice Activism Capitalism have always performed around 10X better than other companies. – Harvard Business Review

The 4 Decrees of an Activist Capitalist

Do Right By Your Community

The best path toward changing the world is to think globally and act locally. When Chaudhary launched his modest rug company, he sought to improve the lives of the nine women he hired. Whether he knew it at the time, what he started was a movement to end the exploitation of women in the workplace. Set the bar high for how people are treated within your community, and when deciding how your company can best end suffering and improve the environment, look no further than your own community. It’s the perfect place to start. The first decree in the Hippocratic Oath, taken by physicians, is “Do no harm.” Imagine if the same oath was required to get a license to practice business. We’d live in a much different world! Do right by your community means your company strives to do no harm to the environment or to the people.

Define Your Values

What are your company values? Have you named them? Do you revisit them daily as you navigate your personal and professional life? As an activated leader of a company, you have a unique opportunity to not only reject what is corrupt in “business as usual,” but also to reverse harm that has already been done, and restore society’s faith in capitalism. The shift begins with you. Your company values live or die with you. Define your values clearly, and then live by them. Make it very clear within your company policy and throughout your community that your company values are aligned with what is good for not only the world today, but for future generations to come.

Demonstrate Compassion

When the people come together to make their voices heard as one, it is called a demonstration.  The purpose of making a demonstration is to prove the existence of something. Activist Capitalist makes public demonstrations of compassion for humanity and the environment. Their demonstrations prove that there is hope for capitalism, by bringing joy, relief and a higher purpose to their community. The demand for compassionate acts is made clear to other companies when your company sets the bar high and their communities can see they don’t have to settle for anything less. Demonstrating means taking action. Being Activated. Enlisting your company to take positive action in the community, will not only endear your company to the community but also instill in your team a sense of pride, ownership, and purpose.

Develop Activated Leaders

Leaders have the privilege and responsibility to help people get where they want to be in life. Fortify your company with an honest, passionate and enthusiastic support team by providing them with the tools they need to become leaders themselves. Leaders mold and influence individuals and societies whether they mean to or not. Be an intentional creator of healing leaders so that the world will continue to heal for generations. How’s that for a legacy?

“Enlisting your company to take positive action in the community, will not only endear your company to the community, but also instill in your team a sense of pride, ownership and purpose.”

Steve Little

Are You Ready For Your Company To Change The World?

Today’s consumers are demanding no less. Perhaps your business isn’t personally responsible for causing suffering in the world, but your business can choose to take responsibility for undoing some of that damage. When a company is ran like a campaign for creating positive change, communities rise up to join the cause. When a company uses its resources to improve people’s lives and help the environment, every single paying customer can claim to have a hand in the goodness your company is creating.

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