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Learn the insider secrets from more than 40 years of success skyrocketing the value of businesses and positioning companies and their owners to sell for top dollar, all while serving a greater purpose.

Meet the Founder

Steve Little

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist and Mergers and Acquisitions Expert

Teenager Turned Lawncare “King”:  Started, grew and sold local lawncare business for $250,000 at age 15.

Lawncare “King” Turned Serial Entrepreneur: Built and managed the successful private acquisition of 6 startups in excess of $100,000,000 each.

Serial Entrepreneur Turned Venture Investor: Provided explosive valuation growth and lucrative $100,000,000+ acquisitions for dozens of companies.

Venture Investor Turned Activist Capitalist: Raised more than $1.5B in startup and growth funding for 11 different activism-based businesses in multiple industries.

“Steve not only provides tremendous value, but also helps avoid serious mistakes. I almost bought a company a few years ago where I would have over paid by 2x, and Steve guided me to this realization. He doesn’t hold back in his advice and his guidance when he sees someone making mistakes. My future is forever better because of his advice.”

Julia Lundstrom

Neuroscience and Brain Health Educator

“Many advisors can help you sell your company for significant multiples but almost nobody else can help you connect your greatest purpose and impact in the world to be aligned with a strategic exit. Pay attention.”

Yanik Silver

Founder Maverick1000 and Author, Evolved Enterprise.

“Steve helped me sell my business and get a higher multiple than any other broker I talked to. He opened my mind to different ways of looking at business valuations and business in general. I have no doubt that even the most seasoned business leaders can learn something from Steve.”

Gary Nealon

President of Nealon Solutions

Bio and Unique Skills

Steve Little is an acclaimed serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and mergers and acquisitions expert well known for generating accelerated value growth and extraordinarily high acquisition value multiples for his clients.

Anyone who can say they sold their first company at the age of 15 for nearly $250,000, can rightfully claim the nickname “The Activator.” Meet Steve Little, a serial entrepreneur, Venture Philanthropist, and growth strategist extraordinaire who has personally guided hundreds of business owners, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs toward rapid value growth exceeding their own wildest expectations.

Steve has a reputation for finding the missing piece of the puzzle. He identifies the blind spot every business owner has, and he delivers an actionable strategy to eradicate the problem, and deliver explosive business and value growth.

He’s started, built and led 6 successful start-ups to high valuation acquisitions of over $120 million each, Steve has also raised more than $1B in startup and growth funding for 11 startup and early stage businesses.

Key Business Accomplishments and Milestones

  • 40+ year veteran entrepreneur

  • Sold 1st business at age 15 for $240K+

  • Exited 6 tech businesses; avg. $120M=

  • Led role-up M&A consolidation of 9 growing firms into one dominant industry leader

  • Raised $1.5B+ in startup and growth funding for companies serving broad markets

  • Created ‘ThePerfectBizBuilder’ system bootstrapped 1000+ startups

  • Coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs to astonishing levels of success

  • Delivered 200% to 400% valuation acceleration to 100+ private companies

  • Catalyzed the delivery of $50M+ in impact mission giving in 24 months

  • Creative valuation growth visionary

  • Specialize in accelerating growth and creating high-value exits

Speaking Topics

Each presentation can be customized for your audience to deliver Steve’s proven strategies and tactics to your specific market and environment for instant, actionable insight and direction.

Each talk can be:
  • A 45-60 minute Keynote
  • Delivered as a break-out session
  • On site training for full or a half-day session.
Steve’s Insights are perfect for:
  • Corporate CEOs
  • Sustainability Initiative Executives
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Activists
Steve’s talk will deliver an action plan that will have your audiences cheer and laugh because:
  • They can do good in the world and increase the value of their business.
  • Steve will lay out the value drivers needed for massive growth.
  • They will know what to do next and have an action plan for their goals.
  • Steve knows humor is the best way to learn.

    Your Company Can Save The World

    Steve reveals the 4 pillars of becoming an Activist Capitalist Company and how he personally used them to get his clients 3-10X growth valuations again and again. You will get the blueprint for using sustainability initiatives, community building, and service-driven programs as value drivers. You will leave with a clear action plan for implementing your company’s moral values into your business model. These simple, scalable, sustainable solutions increase your company’s financial worth and will skyrocket its value to humanity.

    How To Add Unique Value to Your Venture

    Leadership is all about focusing the employees not on individual performance but on performing as a team for the growth of the company, above all else. Strong company cultures raise valuations of businesses. Steve will show you how to think about the true value of your company. In what aspects is your business valuable apart from revenue generation?

    The Immeasurable Value of the Beginner’s Mind

    Whether you are an expert reigniting your inner beginner to win big, or you are a true beginner in your field, Steve will help you make a list of every question you have about how to grow the value of your business. This list can shed light into the areas that you feel uncertain about, and give way to brilliant flashes of insight.

    The Megatrend of Activism Capitalism

    Get your finger on the pulse with this talk. The people have spoken, there is a massive uprising of the people demanding that companies reduce their impact on the environment, treat their employees with compassion and dignity, and do good in the world. Harvard Business Review reports that, companies that practice Activism Capitalism have always performed around 10X better than other companies. Learn how your company can use activism as a catalyst for massive financial growth, personal growth for your team instilling a sense of pride, ownership, and purpose, and on top of all that create a legacy of doing your part to save the world.

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