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Transform Every Roadblock Into A Stepping Stone

Transform Every Roadblock Into A Stepping Stone

Problems and stumbling blocks are a part of every business’ journey – they contribute to the growth process. Do you see them as the learning opportunities they are, or do you view them as setbacks? Equip yourself with 7 powerful mindsets to help you command through and defeat any roadblocks with the confidence of a pro.

The Megatrend of Activism Capitalism

The Megatrend of Activism Capitalism

Activism Capitalism is catching like wildfire! The people have spoken, are you open to receiving their feedback? Those who truly hear them, have the most growth potential, today. So what are they saying? According to the NYTimes, three in every four Americans think corruption in big business is on the rise. This is the result of years of business culture blindly elevating income overvalue. All those businesses causing harm to our society and our environment, are also creating a serious demand for an Activist Capitalist to answer the call and prosper. And that’s what we set out to do as leaders, isn’t it? We identify a need, and we set out to fulfill that need in the marketplace and to fulfill it in a way that’s better for all of us. A better way. Whatever your industry, the demand for Activism Capitalism is HUGE and it’s calling for you.

Are You Building A Job Or A Company?

Are You Building A Job Or A Company?

If you were to take off, stop working, for a month, would business operations, revenue and growth come to a halt? If your answer is yes, then you’ve built yourself a job, not a company. An owner-reliant business can be exhausting and doomed to eventually collapse in failure. A self-reliant company, a company that continues to operate and grow without you, is a successful, vibrant and rewarding place to work and a business with greater intrinsic value. Aim to grow from being initially vital to your company to being valuable but not vital to the day to day and always have an exit strategy in place.

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