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Steve Little

Anyone who can say they sold their first company at the age of 15 for nearly $250,000, can rightfully claim the nickname “The Activator.” Meet Steve Little, a serial entrepreneur, Venture Philanthropist, and growth strategist extraordinaire who has personally guided hundreds of business owners, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs toward rapid value growth exceeding their own wildest expectations.

Steve has a reputation for finding the missing piece of the puzzle. He identifies the blind spot every business owner has, and he delivers an actionable strategy to eradicate the problem, and deliver explosive business and value growth.

He’s started, built and led 6 successful start-ups to high valuation acquisitions of over $120 million each, Steve has also raised more than $1B in startup and growth funding for 11 startup and early stage businesses.

Steve Little

Founder, Activist Capitalist

“Problems and stumbling blocks are a part of every business – they are a part of the growth process. Use every problem to propel you to greater heights.”

Steve Little

An Evolved Approach To Success

Steve has an evolved approach to creating capital success, and he inspires within his clients a true sense of purpose. The entrepreneurs he has coached are making more than money, they are making social, environmental, cultural and economic IMPACTS in their respective industries.

Whether you are an early stage start-up just starting to find your way, a fast growing booming success within your industry, are just beginning to see big investment and growth opportunities for the first time, or even if you are feeling ready to launch yourself in an entirely new direction, Steve’s keen strategic instincts combined with highly skilled hands-on experience provide precisely the right next steps to propel you to the next level and beyond. 

Steve has demonstrated mind-blowing consistency with helping companies achieve the biggest possible impact, while generating the greatest possible outcome. 

Whether it’s growing your business’s market value or preparing and selling the business for more than you ever thought possible, Steve can show you the way.

When you bring Steve on board, you are calling upon the laser accuracy of a 40+- year veteran entrepreneur who has redefined what it means to be successful in business. Steve is known to have perfected the art of transforming exactly where you are today into the perfect springboard to take you to where you want to go next. He specializes in not only accelerating value growth, but creating high-value exit strategies.


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Start-Ups Sold For Over $120M


Start-Ups Funded


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In addition to a serial entrepreneur, investor, and mergers and acquisitions expert, Steve is also an avid Venture Philanthropist. He believes in making an impact in the world, and he’s expanded his reach by giving generously to a broad range of over a dozen charitable and other causes such as:

  • Younglife Africa who support the daily needs of hundreds of children in Malawi, Africa
  • The Pachamama Alliance who provide permanent protection of the Amazon rainforest
  • BVI Art Reef Project who are restoring the coral reef ecosystems in the US and the British Virgin Islands
  • Beneath the Waves a shark conservation research organization
  • Ocean Unite assisting with their extensive global cleanup initiatives
  • And many more

Steve is also a four-time champion body-builder and power-lifter, an accomplished musician, and a dedicated father of two talented daughters. Whether in the gym or in the boardroom Steve is a Heavyweight champion. It’s just who he is, he’s the guy always crossing the victory line.

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